Diploma Course Unit RD05: Colour


The nature of colour; Primaries including Additive, Subtractive and Medials; Secondary and tertiary colour; The natural order of colour; Discordant colour; Watercolour equipment; Gouache; Colour notation; The Munsell System; Comparisons; Colour Standards; Pastel tints and shades; Colour mixing to graded scales; Neutral grey; Hues and tones; The use of pencil crayon to modify gouache; Colour harmony; Psychology of colour; Colour rendering; Textures and reflections; Basic schemes; Colour and safety in industry; Colour for non-residential applications; Period colour; Introduction to other colouring media; Practical applications; Planning a colour scheme; Techniques and interiors; Sketchbook studies.

6 Tests : C1 - C6. Unit duration: Three calendar months from start date.

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